Final Cut Pro 6 - Using a File Exported from FinalCutPro as a Template foraBatchList

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Using a File Exported from Final Cut Pro as a Template for a Batch List

One way to guarantee a correctly formatted batch list is to export a batch list from
Final Cut Pro and use it as a guide, or template, to create your own batch list for
another project. Export a list that contains the Browser columns you want, then open
the list in a text editor or spreadsheet program. The main structure of the list is then set
up for use as a template.

Note: Batch lists always export clips using their native timecode display format. This
prevents you from exporting batch lists with alternative timecode displays, such as
frame display mode

To export a batch list:


Control-click in the Browser, then choose View As List from the shortcut menu.


Select a project tab or open a bin in its own window.


Arrange columns in the Browser in the order you want information exported.

All visible columns are included in the exported batch list.

 To hide a column: Control-click the column heading, then choose Hide Column from

the shortcut menu.

 To display a hidden column: Control-click in any column heading, then choose Show

“Column name” from the shortcut menu, where “Column name” is the name of the
hidden column.


Choose File > Export > Batch List.


Select a location to save the file and enter a name for the list.


When you’re ready to export, click Save.