Final Cut Pro 6 - Editing with Subclips

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Editing with Subclips

You can edit with subclips in the same way as with any other clips. You can even add
markers to subclips and create subclips from those. This is no different than creating
subclips from clips.

Final Cut Pro also allows you to edit directly with markers, turning them into subclips
when you release them in the Timeline. However, it’s usually best to not do this. A
marker is never a master clip, so subclips created by dragging a marker into a
sequence are independent clips. If you want to edit with subclips, you should convert
markers into subclips first. This maintains a master-affiliate relationship between the
affiliate subclips in a sequence and the master subclip in the Browser, which makes
media management easier.

Subclips defined by

marker boundaries

Original clip

Subclips defined by markers
with extended duration

Original clip

Marker with
extended duration

Marker with

duration of 0:00

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Part I

Organizing Footage and Preparing to Edit