Final Cut Pro 6 - About Search Options

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About Search Options

You can use the Find command to search for items in a project by any property or
combination of properties. You can also limit your search to only the current project, or
you can search every open project. If you are looking for clips you haven’t included in
any of your sequences, you can limit your search to “unused media”. Or you may want
to only search for clips that are included in your sequences. Search results appear in a
separate window, called Find Results.

You can search by single item properties—the most obvious being searches by clip
name—or by several properties at once, such as clip name, reel, and label.

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Chapter 1

Organizing Footage in the Browser



Tip: Searching is a good way to find all of the unused clips in your project.

To open the Find window:


Make sure the Browser is the active window, then do one of the following:

 Choose Edit > Find.
 Press Command-F.