Final Cut Pro 6 - Options for Defining the Scope of a Search

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Options for Defining the Scope of a Search

When you are searching for clips, you may sometimes want to search within a single
bin, while other times you may need to search every open project. The Find window
allows you to define the scope of your search and specify search criteria.

 Search: Choose an option from this pop-up menu to specify which open projects or

folders you want to search—All Open Projects, the current open project, the Effects
tab, or a single bin.

Note: You can only search a single bin if the bin is the frontmost window. Since the
Find Results window is considered a bin, you can also limit your search within the
Find Results window if it is the active window.

 For: Choose an option from the pop-up menu to limit your search.

 All Media: Includes all clips in your project, regardless of whether or not they are

used in a sequence.

 Used or Unused: These two options refer to whether or not clips are used within

sequences in your project. You can also search within specific sequences.
Final Cut Pro considers a clip’s media file to be used if it is in a sequence. If you
have used a clip in a sequence, the assumption is that you intend to output the
portion of media file it refers to in your final edit. Any clip not used in a sequence is
considered unused.

Search scope

Search criteria

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more search options.

Additional search criteria

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Part I

Organizing Footage and Preparing to Edit

 Results: Choose how you want the search results to be shown.

 Replace Find Results: Choose this to clear and replace any previous find results with

new find results.

 Add to Find Results: Choose this to append the results of the current search to the

contents of the Find Results window. This allows you to do several searches and
accrue the results in a single window.