Final Cut Pro 6 - Searching for Items in the Browser

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Searching for Items in the Browser

You can search in all open projects or restrict your search to a single project, or tab, in
the Browser. You can search for one item at a time, or multiple items at once.

To search for a single item in the Browser:


Make the Browser active, then choose Edit > Find (or Press Command-F).


Select your search options, then enter your search criteria.

For more information, see “

About Search Options

” on page 28.

The above example shows a search for clips used in sequences selected in the Browser
that have the word “Copy” in their names. (If a clip has been edited into a sequence, its
media file is being used.)


Click Find Next.

The found item is highlighted in the Browser.


Press Command-G to search for the next item in the Browser that meets the
search criteria.