Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Bins to Organize Your Clips

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Using Bins to Organize Your Clips

You can organize the clips and sequences in a project into bins, which are similar to
folders. This creates a logical structure for your projects, making your source clips easier
to manage.

Bins help you organize

clips in your projects.

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Part I

Organizing Footage and Preparing to Edit

Bins are unique to project files. Although they behave similarly to folders on your hard
disk, bins are not actually connected to folders on your hard disk in any way. Changes
you make to the contents of a bin, such as deleting, moving, and renaming clips or
renaming the bin itself, have no effect on the original files or folders on disk where the
media files are stored. If you delete a clip from a bin, its associated media file is not
deleted from your scratch disk. Likewise, creating a new bin does not create a new
folder on your disk.