Final Cut Pro 6 - Creating New Bins

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Creating New Bins

You can create separate bins for different stages of your project or for different types of
footage. For example, you can create bins for each location the footage was shot in, or
you can create bins to separate your audio, video, and still image clips. You can
organize bins hierarchically and open them in their own windows. You can even put
bins inside other bins.

To add a new bin to a project:


In the Browser, click the project tab where you want to add a bin.


Do one of the following:

 Choose File > New > Bin.
 Control-click in the Name column, then choose New Bin from the shortcut menu.
 Press Command-B.


Enter a name for the new bin.

Enter a name for the bin.

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Chapter 1

Organizing Footage in the Browser



You can also create bins by dragging a folder from your hard disk to the Browser.

To create a bin by dragging a folder from your hard disk:


In the Finder, select the folder you want to be a bin.


Drag the folder from the Finder to the Browser.

As soon as you release the folder over the Browser, a bin with the same name as the
folder is created in your project.

Note: Dragging folders and files from the Finder to the Browser creates bin and clip
objects in your project file. However, unlike clips, which refer to media files on disk, bins
do not refer to actual folders on disk.