Final Cut Pro 6 - Moving Items Between Bins

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Moving Items Between Bins

As you work on your project, you often reorganize clips and move them into different
bins. Moving clips within bins has no effect on the original files or folders on disk where
the media files are stored.

To move items between bins in list view, do one of the following:


Select the desired items, then drag them to a bin. (The bin can be open or closed.)

This clip is moved... this bin.

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Part I

Organizing Footage and Preparing to Edit


If the bin in which you want to move items has its own window, drag items to that
bin’s window.

To move an item to the top level of a project:


Drag the item to the Name column heading.

Note: If you move items between projects, the items are copied, not moved. There is
no relationship between items in different projects.

You can also move

items into separate

bin windows.

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Chapter 1

Organizing Footage in the Browser