Final Cut Pro 6 - What Can You Do with Markers?

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What Can You Do with Markers?

Markers let you perform a wide variety of tasks:

 Mark several possible In or Out points for future use.
 Quickly move the playhead to a marker in a clip or sequence.
 Mark a range in a clip that you may want to use as a subclip.
 Align a clip marker to a marker in an edited sequence to match a visual or audio cue.
 Align a filter or motion keyframe to a marker for future reference.
 Align other clip markers, clip boundaries, or transition boundaries to a marker in

the Timeline.

 Add visual notes about clips that will help you identify sections while editing.
 Divide clips into subclips using the Make Subclip command.

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Part I

Organizing Footage and Preparing to Edit

You can also include markers in QuickTime movies you export. You can:

 Export chapter markers for use with QuickTime and DVD-authoring applications.
 Export compression markers for use with video compression applications.
 Export scoring markers for use with supported music and audio applications.