Final Cut Pro 6 - PartII: Rough Editing

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Rough Editing

Learn the basics of adding, arranging, and synchronizing clips
in a sequence to create a rough edit of your movie. If you are
working with multicamera footage, you can learn how to edit
it in real time.

Chapter 5

Working with Projects, Clips, and Sequences

Chapter 6

The Fundamentals of Adding Clips to a Sequence

Chapter 7

Setting Edit Points for Clips and Sequences

Chapter 8

Working with Tracks in the Timeline

Chapter 9

Drag-to-Timeline Editing

Chapter 10

Three-Point Editing

Chapter 11

Finding and Selecting Content in the Timeline

Chapter 12

Arranging Clips in the Timeline

Chapter 13

Cutting Clips and Adjusting Durations

Chapter 14

Linking and Editing Video and Audio in Sync

Chapter 15

Split Edits

Chapter 16

Working with Multiclips

Chapter 17

Audio Editing Basics

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