Final Cut Pro 6 - Naming Audio Tracks

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Naming Audio Tracks

You have two choices regarding the way audio tracks are named in your sequence.
Audio track labeling can be changed in the Timeline Options tab of the Sequence
Settings window for each sequence (choose Sequence > Settings, then click the
Timeline Options tab).

 Sequential: This option labels each audio track consecutively A1, A2, A3, and so on.

Each audio track is identified individually.

 Paired: This option identifies audio tracks in pairs: A1a, A1b; A2a, A2b; A3a, A3b; and

so on. This labeling scheme is useful if you have a lot of stereo material, and you
want an easy way to see the relationship between each stereo pair of tracks.

You can modify the way tracks are displayed in the Timeline in the Sequence Settings
window for a sequence. For more information on changing sequence settings, see
Volume I, Chapter 9, “Timeline Basics.”