Final Cut Pro 6 - Displaying Overlays and Adjusting the Track Height

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Displaying Overlays and Adjusting the Track Height

If you want to display waveforms in the Timeline, you may want to show audio level
overlays and adjust the track height.

 Clip Overlays control: You can display or hide clip overlays at any time by clicking the

Clip Overlays control at the bottom of the Timeline window. Audio level overlays
appear as thin pink lines that indicate the sound level of each audio clip item. Any
keyframes added to the levels will appear as handles directly on top of the overlay.
For more information on adjusting audio levels using overlays, see Volume III,
Chapter 6, “Mixing Audio in the Timeline and Viewer.”

 Track Height control: You can click the Track Height control to switch between four

track display sizes—Reduced, Small, Medium, and Large. The current setting is
highlighted in blue and has a small dot in the center.

Note: When the track size is set to Reduced, thumbnails and audio waveforms are
not displayed.

For more information about Timeline display options, see Volume I, Chapter 9,
“Timeline Basics.”

Waveform on

Waveform off

Track Height

Clip Overlays


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Audio Editing Basics