Final Cut Pro 6 - Scrolling Through a Zoomed-In Audio Clip

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Scrolling Through a Zoomed-In Audio Clip

If you zoom in to the waveform display area, you won’t be able to see all of the
displayed waveform at once. There are three ways you can navigate through a
zoomed-in audio clip:

 If you play back your audio clip and then stop playback, the waveform display area

shows the section of your audio clip that the playhead moved to.

 If you click or drag in the Viewer’s scrubber bar, the playhead and view inside the

waveform display area match the position where you clicked or dragged.

 If you want to move to another portion of the audio clip without moving the

playhead, use the Zoom slider.

The length of the scroll bar under the waveform display area represents the total
duration of your audio clip.

Note: While this section covers how to scroll through waveform displays in the audio
tabs of the Viewer, you can also use these instructions for scrolling through waveform
displays of sequence clips in the Timeline.

To scroll horizontally through a zoomed-in clip in the Viewer, do one of
the following:


Drag the Zoom slider left or right.

The displayed area of the audio waveform moves in the direction you drag.


Click the scroll arrows at either end of the scroll bar to move the displayed area of the
audio waveform incrementally to the left or right.


Click inside the scroll bar to the left or right of the Zoom slider to move the displayed
area of the audio waveform by one length of the Zoom slider’s current scale.


Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to move the visible area of the audio waveform
between the beginning, In point, Out point, and end of your clip.

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Chapter 17

Audio Editing Basics