Final Cut Pro 6 - An Introduction to the Selection Tools

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An Introduction to the Selection Tools

Several tools in the Tool palette can be used to select items.

Note: Remember that if you select an item that’s linked to another item, the linked
item is selected as well, unless you disable the Linked Selection option. (See “


and Unlinking Video and Audio Clip Items in the Timeline

” on page 218.)

To select a tool:


Move the pointer over a tool in the Tool palette, then press and hold down the
mouse button.

All of the related tools appear.


Move the pointer to the tool you want to select, then release the mouse button.

The selected tool becomes the current tool in the Tool palette for that group of tools.

These are the selection tools, in order of appearance:

 Selection: Selects individual items, such as a clip, transition, edit point, or keyframe,

or multiple items if they’re linked. The functions of this tool can be modified in a
variety of ways using keyboard shortcuts. This is the default tool.

 Edit Selection: Selects an edit point between clips. You can select edits on as many

tracks as you want, but you can only select one edit per track. When you double-click
an edit, the Trim Edit window appears so you can precisely modify several edit points
simultaneously. (For more information on using the Trim Edit window, see
Chapter 20, “

Trimming Clips Using the Trim Edit Window

,” on page 357.)

The selected tool becomes
the default shown in the
Tool palette.

Click to select

the desired tool.


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Chapter 11

Finding and Selecting Content in the Timeline



 Group Selection: Selects multiple contiguous items. This tool automatically selects an

entire item in the Timeline even if you only drag over a part of it. Any other items
linked to it are selected as well. Use this tool to select several clips in their entirety.

 Range Selection: Selects a range of multiple contiguous items. This tool does not

automatically select an entire item, but only the part of the item that you drag
across. Use this tool to select only a part of a clip, or to create a selection that
includes portions of several clips.

 Select Track Forward: Selects all the items in a track after the selection point you click.

Selected items are ready for any group operation, such as moving or deleting. Items
linked to selected items in this track are selected also.

 Select Track Backward: Selects all the contents of the track before the selection point.
 Select Track: Selects the entire contents of a single track, as well as any items linked

to those items.

 Select All Tracks Forward: Selects all the contents of all tracks after the selection point.
 Select All Tracks Backward: Selects all the contents of all tracks before the

selection point.

Note: When using the Slip or Slide tool, you can temporarily turn the Slip or Slide tool
into the Selection tool by pressing the Command key for a noncontiguous selection or
the Shift key for a contiguous selection.





Select Track


Select All Tracks


Select Track

Select All Tracks


Select Track Backward

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Part II

Rough Editing