Final Cut Pro 6 - Moving In and Out Points

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Moving In and Out Points

You can always change clip In and Out points by simply setting new ones. Here are a
few other options for changing In and Out points.

To change the location of the In or Out point, do one of the following:


Drag In or Out point markers to the left or right.


To change the Out point, enter a new timecode number in the Timecode Duration
field. Final Cut Pro calculates the new location of the Out point by adding the duration
you entered to the timecode value of the In point. If no In point is set, the Out point
will be set relative to the beginning (Media Start) of the clip.


Click the clip in the Browser, then select either the In, Out, or Duration timecode
numbers and enter new ones.

You can also change the location of both In and Out points at the same time. The
duration of the marked media doesn’t change, just the location of the In and Out
points. This is commonly referred to as slipping an edit. You can slip edit points in both
the Viewer and the Canvas or Timeline.

Timecode Duration field

In the Browser, enter
the relevant timecode

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Chapter 7

Setting Edit Points for Clips and Sequences



To slip both the In and Out points together, do one of the following:


Hold down the Shift key, then drag the In or Out point left or right in the scrubber bar.

Note: The cursor must be directly over the In or Out point, or the slip edit won’t work
and you will simply move the playhead.


Select the Slip tool in the Tool palette, then drag a sequence clip in the Timeline to the
left or right.

For more information, see “

Slipping Clips in the Timeline

” on page 321.