Final Cut Pro 6 - Setting In and Out Points to Match a Clip or Gap

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Setting In and Out Points to Match a Clip or Gap

When you want to replace one clip with another using exactly the same location and
duration in the Timeline, you can set both In and Out points simultaneously. This also
comes in handy if you want to quickly set In and Out points to fit the boundaries of a
gap in your sequence.

To set In and Out points at the beginning and end of a clip or gap in the Timeline:


Place the Timeline playhead over a clip (or gap) in your sequence.

Note: Make sure the clip items beneath the playhead are on the destination tracks. For
more information, see “

Specifying Destination Tracks in the Timeline

” on page 123.


Select the Auto Select control for the track (or tracks) containing the clip or gap you
want to mark.

Note: If the clip items of the Auto Select–enabled video and audio tracks have different
durations, video clip items take precedence over audio clip items. Also, clip items take
precedence over gaps. For more information about Auto Select controls, see “


Auto Select to Specify Tracks for Selections

” on page 185.

Move the playhead
over the clip.

Auto Select is enabled for

these three tracks.

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Chapter 7

Setting Edit Points for Clips and Sequences




Do one of the following to set In and Out points:

 Press X.
 Click the Mark Clip button in the Canvas.

 Choose Mark > Mark Clip.

In and Out points are set at the boundaries of the clip or gap.