Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

With a clip open in the Viewer, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to perform each of
the seven types of edits. All of the keyboard shortcuts use the function keys along the
top of the keyboard. (If you forget a keyboard shortcut, position your pointer over one
of the edit buttons and pause for a moment. A tooltip appears with that button’s
function, as well as its keyboard shortcut.)

 F9: Insert edit
 Shift-F9: Insert with transition edit
 F10: Overwrite edit
 Shift-F10: Overwrite with transition edit
 F11: Replace edit
 Shift-F11: Fit to fill edit
 F12: Superimpose edit


Some Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts may conflict with your Final Cut Pro

keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see Volume I, Chapter 10, “Customizing
the Interface.”