Final Cut Pro 6 - Creating Multiclip Sequences

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Creating Multiclip Sequences

The Make Multiclip Sequence command allows you to create multiple multiclips at the
same time. When you capture a lot of media files from a multicamera shoot, it can be
time-consuming to create multiclips one at a time using the Make Multiclip command.
When you need to make a lot of multiclips at the same time, you can use the Make
Multiclip Sequence command to create multiclips based on the starting timecode
numbers of your clips.

Consider the following example. Suppose you recorded a soccer game with four
camcorders (each starting with the same timecode), and you captured each reel as ten
individual media files (each representing a different phase of the event). The total
number of clips in your project is 40 (4 reels x 10 media files). Instead of creating each
of the ten multiclips individually, you can select all the clips at once and use the Make
Multiclip Sequence command. A sequence containing ten multiclips is created and the
multiclips are placed in chronological order.