Final Cut Pro 6 - Preparing Clips to Be Used as Multiclip Angles

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Preparing Clips to Be Used as Multiclip Angles

Before you create multiclips, you must assign an angle number to each clip, or name
the clips so that Final Cut Pro can derive angle numbers automatically. Final Cut Pro
looks for angle numbers in several places, in the following order:

 Angle property of the clip: This may be a number or a letter. Final Cut Pro interprets

letters A–E as angle numbers 1–5, respectively.

 Clip name using Cinema Tools clip-naming conventions: Cinema Tools uses a standard

clip-naming convention that contains the angle name. For more information, see

Cinema Tools Clip-Naming Conventions

,” below.

 Reel name: For many multicamera shoots, the reel name also indicates the camera

angle. For example, on a four-camera shoot, reel names 1–4 may indicate camera
angles 1–4.

 Media filename: If no other angle information is found, Final Cut Pro looks at the

names of the media files to sort angles within the multiclips.