Final Cut Pro 6 - Adding Angles to a Multiclip in the Viewer

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Adding Angles to a Multiclip in the Viewer

Once you create a multiclip, you can drag clips from the Browser to the Viewer to insert
new angles or overwrite existing ones.


With one exception (see below), these operations change the angle structure

of the multiclip, which breaks the multiclip master-affiliate relationships. For more
information, see “

Working with Multiclip Master-Affiliate Relationships

” on page 281.

When you drag a clip from the Browser to a multiclip in the Viewer and hold down the
mouse button, colored overlays appear with angle insertion and overwrite options:

 Insert New Angle
 Insert New Angle Affiliates
 Overwrite Angle

Note: The Overwrite Angle overlay does not appear when you place the pointer over
the active angle because you cannot overwrite the active angle.

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Chapter 16

Working with Multiclips