Final Cut Pro 6 - Resynchronizing Angles in the Viewer

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Resynchronizing Angles in the Viewer

If you want to adjust the starting time of a multiclip angle relative to all the other
angles, you can scrub through a single angle in the Viewer to resynchronize it.

To adjust the relative start time of a multiclip angle:


Double-click a multiclip in the Browser or Timeline to open it in the Viewer.


Hold down the Control and Shift keys, then click the angle you want to adjust and drag
left or right.

The pointer becomes the Scrub tool. As you drag to the left or right, the video frames
jog backward or forward. A box with a positive or negative offset value also appears,
showing the number of frames you are adjusting this angle’s starting point relative to
the others.


Release the mouse button.

The angle is now resynchronized relative to the other angles in the multiclip. If you
change your mind, you can undo by pressing Command-Z.

Drag a clip to an
angle, then choose
Overwrite Angle.

Press Control and Shift

while dragging over an

angle in the Viewer.

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