Final Cut Pro 6 - Viewing Multiclip Angles in the Viewer

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Viewing Multiclip Angles in the Viewer

When you open a multiclip in the Viewer, multiple angles are displayed simultaneously
in a grid. You can choose to view 1, 4, 9, or 16 angles at a time.

To change the number of multiclip angles shown in the Viewer:


Choose a multiclip view option from the View pop-up menu.

For example, if you want to view 9 angles at once, choose Multiclip 9-Up from the View
pop-up menu.

If your multiclip has more angles than are currently displayed, you can scroll up or
down in the Viewer using the multiclip scroll arrows that appear when you place the
pointer in the Viewer.

4-up view

9-up view

View pop-up menu

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Part II

Rough Editing

To scroll to view angles that are not currently visible in the Viewer:


Move the pointer over any video in the Viewer.

An up or down arrow (or both) appears in the Viewer.

If an arrow is green, the active angle is not visible, but you can scroll to it by clicking
the arrow.


Click an arrow to scroll the angles up or down by one row.

The active video angle is highlighted with a blue outline, and the active audio angle is
highlighted with a green outline. If an angle doesn’t have media at the current time, or
if it is an audio-only angle, a black frame is shown for that angle. If an angle is offline, a
“Media Offline” frame is shown. The currently active audio clip items appear in the
Audio tab.