Final Cut Pro 6 - About Offline Clips

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About Offline Clips

If a media file is modified, moved, or deleted, the Final Cut Pro clip that connects to
that media file can no longer find it. In this case, the clip’s media file is said to be offline.
The clip itself is described as an offline clip.

An offline clip has a red slash through its icon in the Browser or its file in the Timeline.
To view an offline clip properly in your project, you must capture the clip again or, if the
clip’s media file is already on your disk, reconnect the clip to the corresponding source
file at the new location on disk.

For information on reconnecting offline clips, see Volume IV, Chapter 6, “Reconnecting
Clips and Offline Media.”

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Part II

Rough Editing

A clip is considered offline when:

 The clip’s Source property is incorrect (when there is no media file at the file path in the

Source property). This happens when a media file is modified, moved, or deleted, the
modification date of the media file is changed, or the scratch disk becomes unavailable.

 The clip’s Source property is empty. You can intentionally make clips offline by choosing

Modify > Make Offline, or you can create a new offline clip by choosing File > New >
Offline Clip. Final Cut Pro doesn’t warn you about offline clips whose Source property
is empty, because there is no media file path to check.