Final Cut Pro 6 - Specifying Preferences Before You Start Editing

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Specifying Preferences Before You Start Editing

You may want to set the following general preferences before you start editing in
Final Cut Pro. The following preferences are found in the General tab of the User
Preferences window. To view them, choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences, then
click the General tab. (For a complete description of preferences, see Volume IV,
Chapter 23, “Choosing Settings and Preferences.”)

 Levels of Undo: This specifies the number of actions that can be undone (up to 99).

The default is 10. The more levels of Undo you specify, the more memory is required.

 Prompt for settings on New Sequence: By default, this option is disabled and new

sequences use the sequence settings specified in the current Easy Setup. If you
enable this option, when you create a new sequence, a message asks you to
choose a sequence preset.

 Autosave Vault: Several autosave options let Final Cut Pro automatically save

backup copies of your opened projects at regular intervals while you work. (Your
original project files aren’t touched until you use the Save command.) You can
specify how often to save, along with the number of backup copies saved for
each project. For more information, see Volume IV, Chapter 2, “Backing Up and
Restoring Projects.”

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