Final Cut Pro 6 - Automatically Saving Projects with Autosave

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Automatically Saving Projects with Autosave

While you’re working, you may find it necessary to go back to an earlier version of a
project you edited: perhaps you tried an alternate cut that didn’t work, or maybe
you’re experiencing problems with your computer. The autosave feature in Final Cut Pro
gives you the option to step back to previous stages of your project, which can save
you valuable time (not to mention unnecessary headaches).

The autosave feature periodically saves a copy of each open project in a folder called
the Autosave Vault. Your original project file is not touched until you use the Save
command. You can change the location of the Autosave Vault in the Scratch Disks tab
of the System Settings window. The Restore Project command allows you to choose
from all of the available autosaved versions of the currently active project, based on the
time and date they were created.

For detailed information about using the autosave feature, see Volume IV, Chapter 2,
“Backing Up and Restoring Projects.”

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