Final Cut Pro 6 - Customizing Track Display in the Timeline

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Customizing Track Display in the Timeline

You can modify the way tracks are displayed in the Timeline in several ways:

 Tracks in the Timeline can be resized, either individually or collectively. For more

information, see the next section, “

Resizing Timeline Tracks


 Clip items on video tracks can be displayed with name only, name and thumbnail

frame, or filmstrip. All video tracks in the sequence share the same display settings. If
you display the Timeline in Reduced track size view, you can’t see thumbnails. For
more information, see Volume I, Chapter 9, “Timeline Basics.”

 Audio tracks can be displayed in the Timeline with or without waveforms, and audio

tracks can be labeled as pairs (A1a & A1b, A2a & A2b) or as individually numbered
tracks (A1, A2, A3).

 You can show or hide the keyframe graph area of each track, adding additional space

below each video and audio track in which to view and edit effect parameters that
are applied to your clips. For more information on using the keyframe graph area in
the Timeline, see Volume III, Chapter 15, “Adjusting Parameters for Keyframed Effects.”

Click the Track Visibility

control to disable a track.

The disabled track is
dimmed and will not
appear (or be heard)
when the sequence is
played back.

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Chapter 8

Working with Tracks in the Timeline



For more information about customizing Timeline display options, see Volume I,
Chapter 9, “Timeline Basics.”