Final Cut Pro 6 - Adding Transitions

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Adding Transitions

You can add cross dissolves and other transitions between
cuts to make your program more interesting. You can also
add a cross fade audio transition to smooth abrupt changes
in audio.

This chapter covers the following:


Learning About Transitions

(p. 371)


Adding Transitions

(p. 375)


Moving, Copying, and Deleting Transitions

(p. 380)


Modifying Transitions in the Timeline

(p. 382)


Working with Default and Favorite Transitions

(p. 385)


Detecting Duplicate Frames over Transitions

(p. 388)


Video Transitions That Come with Final Cut Pro

(p. 389)

Note: This chapter mainly focuses on video transitions. However, Final Cut Pro does
come with two audio transitions you can use to smooth audible changes between
clips. For information about using audio transitions, see “

Using Audio Transitions to

Smooth Audible Changes

” on page 305. To apply transitions, both video and audio, use

this chapter.