Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Transitions in Your Sequences

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Using Transitions in Your Sequences

Transitions, especially dissolves, generally give the viewer an impression of a change in
time or location. When very long transitions are used, they become more of a special
effect, useful in creating a different atmosphere in your sequence. You can use
transitions to:

 Convey the passing of time between scenes
 Fade up at the beginning of the movie or scene
 Create a montage of images
 Fade out at the end of the movie or scene
 Create motion graphic effects
 Soften jump cuts (cuts between two different parts of the same footage)

Final Cut Pro comes with a variety of transitions you can use in your programs, but
you’ll probably use dissolves and wipes more than any others. For more information,
see “

Video Transitions That Come with Final Cut Pro

” on page 389.