Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Timecode to Trim Clips in the Viewer

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Using Timecode to Trim Clips in the Viewer

If you’re trimming a clip in the Viewer, you can use timecode to navigate to a specific
frame, rather than trying to find the frame you want using the transport controls or the
J, K, and L keys. You then select the edit tool for the trimming operation you want to
perform and set a new In or Out point. For more information on navigating in the
Viewer using timecode, see Volume I, Chapter 8, “Navigating and Using Timecode in the
Viewer and Canvas.”

To use timecode to set a clip’s In or Out point:


Open a clip in the Viewer.


Move the playhead by doing one of the following:

 Enter a timecode number for the frame where you want to place the new In or Out

point of the clip, then press Return.

For example, to move the In point from 02:40:30:10 to 02:40:30:27, enter 2403027,
then press Return.

 Press Shift-I or Shift-O to move the playhead to the current In or Out point. Then

enter a relative timecode value to move the playhead.

For example, to establish a new Out point 2 seconds prior to the current Out point,
press Shift-O, enter –2:00, then press Return.


Select an edit tool in the Tool palette for the trimming operation you want to perform.


Do one of the following:

 Click the Mark In or Mark Out button.
 Press I to set an In point or press O to set an Out point.

The scrubber bar in the Viewer shows the new position of the In or Out point, and the
Canvas/Timeline playhead moves to the adjusted edit point.

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Chapter 19

Learning About Trimming Clips