Final Cut Pro 6 - Matching Frames Between Sequence and Master Clips

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Matching Frames Between Sequence and Master Clips

Sequence clips, which are usually affiliate clips, have a relationship to other clips in your
project. Because of this relationship, you can tell Final Cut Pro to open the following
clips in the Viewer:

 The sequence clip’s master clip, located in the Browser
 The sequence clip’s source media file, located on disk

When Final Cut Pro opens one of these items in the Viewer, the playhead is positioned
at the exact same frame in the Viewer as in the Canvas and Timeline. This is known as a
match frame.


If a sequence clip is not an affiliate clip, it is independent, so it isn’t related to

a master clip in the Browser. You can’t match an independent clip back to a master clip,
because it doesn’t have one. However, you can still match back to the original media
file. For more information about master-affiliate clip relationships, see Volume IV,
Chapter 4, “Working with Master and Affiliate Clips.”

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Chapter 24

Matching Frames and Playhead Synchronization



To check if a sequence clip is independent:


Select a clip in the Timeline, or move the playhead over a clip in the Canvas or Timeline.


Choose View > Reveal Master Clip.

If the Reveal Master Clip menu item is dimmed, the selected sequence clip does not
have a master clip, and it is therefore independent.