Final Cut Pro 6 - Matching a Frame in the Canvas to Its Master Clip Frame

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Matching a Frame in the Canvas to Its Master Clip Frame

Sometimes you’ll want to view the master clip that a sequence clip came from. Here
are several reasons why:

 You want to open the original master clip without any of the motion, filter, or audio

parameters from the sequence clip. This is useful when you want to add a “fresh”
copy of the clip to your sequence.

 You want to open the master clip with all of its video and audio items, instead of the

sequence clip, which may only be a single clip item.

For example, your sequence clip may be a video clip item that no longer has its
corresponding audio. You can get those audio clip items back by opening the video
clip item’s master clip in the Viewer. The master clip in the Viewer contains all the
video and audio items, so you can edit the audio items from the master clip back
into the sequence using a replace or overwrite edit. For details about replace edits,
see “

Performing a Replace Edit

” on page 156.

To match a sequence clip’s current frame to its master clip in the Viewer:


In the Timeline or Canvas, move the playhead to the frame you want to open in
the Viewer.


Choose View > Match Frame > Master Clip.

The master clip for the sequence clip opens in the Viewer. The playhead in the Viewer is
set to the same frame as seen in the Canvas (thus, the frames match in the Canvas
and Viewer).

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Part III

Fine-Tuning Your Edit

When the clip’s master clip opens in the Viewer, notice that there are no “sprocket
holes” in the scrubber bar. This is because you’re seeing the clip from the Browser, not
the sequence clip. When you view the master clip, it has the same In and Out points as
the sequence clip.

To reveal a sequence clip’s master clip in the Browser:


Select a clip in the Timeline, or move the playhead over a clip in the Canvas or Timeline.


Choose View > Reveal Master Clip (or press Shift-F).

The sequence clip’s master clip is selected in the Browser, and the Browser becomes the
active window.