Final Cut Pro 6 - Synchronizing the Canvas/Timeline Playhead withtheViewer Playhead

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Synchronizing the Canvas/Timeline Playhead
with the Viewer Playhead

When a sequence clip is open in the Viewer, you can keep the Viewer playhead in sync
with the Canvas/Timeline playhead. If you want to work with a sequence clip in the
Viewer instead of the Timeline, you can synchronize the Viewer and Canvas/Timeline
playheads together so you see the same frame in both windows.

Final Cut Pro has several options for synchronizing, or ganging, the Viewer and Canvas/
Timeline playheads together, so that if you move one, the other moves by the same
amount. When the playheads are synchronized, you can control the playheads from the
Viewer, Canvas, or Timeline. Playhead sync only works between the Canvas and
Timeline windows and the Viewer window.