Final Cut Pro 6 - Using the Roll Tool to Change Where a Cut Occurs

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Tips for Edits Made with the Ripple Tool

 If you lengthen a clip item, clip items on the same track move forward in time. Clip

items on other unlocked tracks that begin after the original location of the edit
point you are adjusting also move forward in time.

 If you shorten a clip item, clip items on the same track move backward in time, as

do clip items after the initial location of the edit you are adjusting on other
unlocked tracks.

 If you can’t ripple due to a “Collision” message, it is because clip items on other

tracks can’t move back in time without bumping into other clip items.

 All tracks are affected when you use the Ripple tool. If you don’t want other tracks

in the sequence to be affected by the Ripple tool, lock those tracks (see “


Tracks to Prevent Edits or Changes

” on page 128).

 You can temporarily turn the Ripple tool into the Roll tool by pressing the Shift key.

Release the Shift key to return to the Ripple tool.

 While dragging, press the Command key to “gear down” and make a more

precise edit.

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Chapter 18

Performing Slip, Slide, Ripple, and Roll Edits