Final Cut Pro 6 - Tips for Choosing Speakers and an Amplifier

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Tips for Choosing Speakers and an Amplifier

Professional audio engineers have to be able to trust the sound coming from their
speakers. When you mix your audio, you need audio monitors that can handle the full
range of audio intensities and frequencies. Ideally, your monitors will have a flat
frequency response
from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (or 20 kHz). This means that they neither
attenuate nor amplify any frequencies. Flat frequency response is important for critical
listening because the speakers themselves are not “coloring the sound.

In addition to the speaker quality itself, additional factors affect your audio
monitoring environment:

 Size and materials of the room
 Placement of the speakers within the room, such as distance from walls and angle

of speakers

 Listener position between speakers

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