Final Cut Pro 6 - Downmixing for Stereo Monitoring

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Downmixing for Stereo Monitoring

Stereo downmixing allows you to listen to your sequence in stereo—even if the
sequence has multiple output channels assigned—without changing your audio
output preset.

To listen to a sequence with multiple output channels in stereo:


Select the Downmix button in the Audio Mixer.

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Chapter 2

Assigning Output Channels and External Audio Monitors



With Downmix selected, all audio outputs in your sequence are output as stereo
whenever they’re played back, output to tape, or written to a movie file.

You can turn Downmix off at any time and your audio will be output to multiple
channels again. This is much more convenient than reassigning all of your tracks to a
single stereo channel and then reassigning your tracks to multiple outputs again.