Final Cut Pro 6 - About Audio Meters in FinalCutPro

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About Audio Meters in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro uses peak audio meters, which respond very quickly to the audio signal,
alerting you to potential peaks over 0 dBFS. The meters in Final Cut Pro display a peak
level indicator, which is a yellow line that shows recent peak levels for up to 3 seconds
(assuming a higher peak hasn’t been reached).

The peak level indicator can help you get a sense of the dynamic range of your mix
because you can compare the current levels to recent peaks. For more information
about peak meters, see “

Average and Peak Audio Levels

” on page 57.

There are several audio meters in Final Cut Pro:

 Input audio meters in the Clip Settings tab of the Log and Capture window. (See

Volume I, Chapter 15, “Overview of Logging and Capturing.”)

 Track meters in the Audio Mixer. (See “

Track Strips Area

” on page 72.)

 Master audio meters in the Audio Mixer. (See “

Master Area

” on page 75.)

 Floating audio meter window. (See “

Floating Audio Meters

” on page 61.)

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Chapter 3

Evaluating Levels with Audio Meters