Final Cut Pro 6 - Troubleshooting Audio Normalization

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Troubleshooting Audio Normalization

There are a few issues to be aware of when you use the Gain filter and the Apply
Normalization Gain command:

 Applying gain raises the level of an audio signal, including the noise. Very quiet

audio, when normalized, may be very noisy. When possible, the best solution is to
rerecord the audio. If this is not possible, you may be able to minimize the noise
using Soundtrack Pro.

 Loud peaks in audio clips that otherwise contain low audio levels make audio

normalization more difficult to use. For example, suppose you have a clip containing
dialogue that was recorded too quietly. At the beginning of this clip, there is a brief
peak when the slate was clapped together. When you attempt to normalize the
audio of this clip, the sound of the slate is so loud that very little gain is applied. To
apply more gain, simply trim the clip until the audio peak from the slate is gone,
then use the Apply Normalization Gain command again.

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Chapter 3

Evaluating Levels with Audio Meters