Final Cut Pro 6 - Copying Audio to Timecoded Tapes for Logging, Capturing, andEDLExport

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Copying Audio to Timecoded Tapes for Logging, Capturing,
and EDL Export

If you captured media files from sources without timecode—such as VHS tape, DAT
tapes, reel-to-reel tape recorders, or imported audio CDs—the resulting EDL won’t be
useful for recapturing because the EDL does not contain relevant timecode
information that refers back to the original sources. The solution is to copy all of your
audio without timecode to formats that support timecode. You should do this before
you begin editing your movie.

Once you’ve copied all of your audio material without timecode onto formats with
timecode, you can log and capture your audio the same way you log and capture
video, knowing that all of your audio edits can now be described in an exported EDL.
You treat the new timecoded tapes as your original audio source material for the
duration of the project.



Media without timecode

DAT with