Final Cut Pro 6 - Example:Exporting 12 Tracks to Three Stereo Audio Files

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Example: Exporting 12 Tracks to Three Stereo Audio Files

Here’s a typical example illustrating how you might export multichannel audio from an
edited sequence. Suppose you’ve set up a sequence to have three stereo audio outputs
and 12 audio tracks.

The Audio Outputs tab of the Sequence Settings window would look like this:

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Part I

Audio Mixing

And the sequence would look something like this:

Each of the 12 audio tracks can be assigned to one of the three pairs of output
channels. More than one track can be assigned to the same output channel, in which
case the audio from those tracks is mixed to a single audio file during export.

In this situation, using the Export Audio to AIFF(s) option creates three separate stereo
AIFF files. Each file corresponds to an audio output pair in your sequence and contains
the combined audio from all the audio tracks in your sequence assigned to that pair,
mixed together using the levels you set. All three of these files are exactly the same
duration. These three AIFF files can then be delivered, along with your program’s video,
to any audio post-production facility for remixing and mastering, if necessary.

Note: You can also use the Export Audio to AIFF(s) option to export a stereo downmix
of your sequence audio as a single stereo AIFF file. For more information, see “


the Export Audio to AIFF(s) Command

” on page 193 and “

Audio Output Export


” on page 45.