Final Cut Pro 6 - Exporting Audio Tracks as Individual Audio Files

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Exporting Audio Tracks as Individual Audio Files

When you export an audio track in your sequence, the new audio file becomes a
continuous audio file the length of the sequence. All the clips in that track are merged
into a single, continuous media file.

To export a single audio track as an audio file:


Option-click the Track Visibility control next to the audio track you want to export.

Note: If more than one track is enabled, the enabled tracks are mixed together during
export. Option-clicking the Track Visibility control for a track disables playback for all
other audio tracks.


Choose File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion.


In the Save dialog, choose a location and enter a name for the file.


Choose AIFF or WAVE from the Format pop-up menu.

AIFF is the standard audio file format for Mac OS X. If you’re delivering audio files to
Windows users, you may want to use the WAVE format.


Click Options.

All other tracks are


Make sure just the audio

track you want to export

is enabled (green).

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Part I

Audio Mixing


In the Sound Settings dialog, choose the format, number of channels, sample rate,
quality, and sample size (bit depth), then click OK.


Avoid audio compression unless you are specifically required to use it for

multimedia projects or the web.


When you’re ready to export, click Save.

The name of the exported audio file defaults to the name of the sequence. If you are
exporting multiple audio tracks this way, you need to manually name each audio file
with the corresponding track number before you save it.