Final Cut Pro 6 - Exporting Multichannel QuickTime Files

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Exporting Multichannel QuickTime Files

The rules for audio grouping are the same when exporting a QuickTime movie as when
exporting individual AIFF files: stereo output pairs are exported as a single stereo
QuickTime audio track, and each mono output is exported as an individual mono
QuickTime audio track.

To export your sequence to a multichannel QuickTime movie file:


Select a sequence in the Browser or open a sequence in the Timeline.


Choose File > Export > QuickTime Movie.


In the Save dialog, choose a location and enter a name for the file.


Choose a sequence preset from the Setting pop-up menu.

If you want to set a particular audio sample rate or bit depth, you can also choose the
current settings of the selected sequence, or you can choose the Custom Settings option.


Choose Audio Only from the Include pop-up menu.

If you want to export a complete QuickTime movie that contains video as well as
multichannel audio, choose Audio and Video.


Select Make Movie Self-Contained.

The number of audio tracks created in the resulting QuickTime movie depends on two
areas in the Sequence Settings window. For details, see “

Audio Output Export Settings

on page 45.