Final Cut Pro 6 - Limitations of OMF Exporting in FinalCutPro

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Limitations of OMF Exporting in Final Cut Pro

Before you export an OMF file, consider the following limitations:

 If you have cross fades in your edit, they are exported as linear cross fades, regardless

of what kind of cross fades you use in your edited sequence. Your audio editor can
reset these to the correct type within the audio software.

How well your cross fades import into another application depends on the tool your
audio editor uses. Because some OMF importing tools do not handle cross fade
objects correctly, you have the option to leave these out when exporting your
sequence as an OMF file.

 OMF export does not include disabled audio tracks (tracks with the Track Visibility

control turned off ). Any individually disabled audio clips will also be ignored.

 Speed and reverse-speed effects that have been applied to audio clips will be

permanently applied to the exported audio media files.

 Nested sequences will be mixed together and exported as a single audio media file.
 Audio filter information cannot be exported in OMF files.

Make sure to test your audio workflow in advance. Not all applications can import
audio level and pan information stored in an OMF file.

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Chapter 10

Exporting Audio for Mixing in Other Applications