Final Cut Pro 6 - Adjusting Clip Audio Levels and Pan UsingKeyframes

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Adjusting Clip Audio Levels and Pan Using Keyframes

Instead of setting the audio level or pan of an entire clip to the same level throughout
a clip, you can mix your levels and stereo placement dynamically, raising and lowering
the audio level or changing the stereo pan of a clip numerous times within the same
clip. To do this, you use keyframes.

Keyframes can be used throughout Final Cut Pro with any feature whose parameters
can be changed over time. Keyframes allow you to specify different audio level or pan
settings in an audio clip at different points in time. The audio level overlay in your clip
automatically adjusts from one keyframed level to another using a smooth curve.

You can also record audio level and pan automation using the Audio Mixer, which
creates keyframes. These keyframes can be adjusted by hand, directly in the Viewer or
the Timeline.

Note: Unlike the visual keyframes that you can set for motion settings, the shape of
audio level and pan level curves can’t be altered.