Final Cut Pro 6 - Copying, Pasting, and Removing Audio Attributes

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Copying, Pasting, and Removing Audio Attributes

The Paste Attributes command in the Edit menu is a valuable tool for selectively
copying certain attributes—such as levels and pan—from one clip to another without
having to open clips in the Viewer. This eliminates the need to repeat steps when
applying identical effects to multiple clips. For more information, see “

Copying and

Pasting Specific Clip Attributes

” on page 327.

If you want to remove a clip’s attributes, including levels and pan, you can do so by
using the Remove Attributes command. For more information, see “


Attributes from a Clip

” on page 330.

The pointer turns into an
Adjust Line Segment pointer.

As you drag, a box displays
the new pan value.

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Audio Mixing