Final Cut Pro 6 - Making Real-Time Audio Filter Adjustments

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Making Real-Time Audio Filter Adjustments

You may find it easier to make adjustments to an audio filter while the clip it’s applied
to plays. This way, you can hear how the adjustment sounds as you modify the
filter’s parameter.

To make real-time changes to an audio filter parameter:


In the Timeline, double-click the sequence clip with the audio filter you want to modify
to open the clip in the Viewer.


In the Viewer, click the Filters tab to see that clip’s audio filter parameters.


Move the playhead to the position in your clip where you want to make a filter
parameter change.


Play the sequence.


Adjust any audio filter parameter controls you wish.

You hear your changes immediately.


When you’ve finished making changes, stop playback.

Once you release the mouse button, your change is applied to the filter parameter.

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