Final Cut Pro 6 - Adjusting the Master Level of Your Sequence

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Adjusting the Master Level of Your Sequence

The Master fader raises or lowers the combined output level of all the tracks in your
sequence at the same time. However, you should wait to use the Master fader until you
have set individual track levels. Once the Master audio meters show acceptable levels
throughout your mix, you can use the Master fader to increase or decrease the overall
level while retaining the same relative mix. This can be helpful in the following cases:

 Your audio mix has a good level for output to a particular video deck, but is too

strong for another deck. In this case, you can easily bring down the overall level with
the Master fader.

 If you are using a lot of audio tracks, the overall mix may be too loud even when the

individual track levels are fairly low. If the individual track fader levels are all low,
mixing can be inconvenient. To keep the individual track fader levels higher without
making the overall mix too hot, you can bring down the Master fader level by
several dB.


You should not use the Master fader to adjust the volume setting of your

external monitoring speakers. Use the Master fader to make sure your meters show an
acceptable level. Use the volume controls on your external monitors to adjust the
loudness of your audio while you mix.

Note: The Master fader cannot be automated.

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Chapter 5

Using the Audio Mixer