Final Cut Pro 6 - Recording a Voiceover Clip

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Recording a Voiceover Clip

The Voice Over tool provides a number of timing cues and status messages to help you
record your voiceover.


The newly recorded
audio clip


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Part I

Audio Mixing

To record a voiceover (or any other single-channel audio source):


Choose Tools > Voice Over.

In the Voice Over tab, the status area is green and displays “Ready to Record.”


Click the Record button in the Voice Over tab.

Once you do this, several things happen before your clip is placed in the Timeline.

 Any audio within the defined duration of your sequence that requires rendering

is rendered.

 The playhead moves back 5 seconds before the specified In point, and a 5-second

pre-roll plays to prepare you for recording.

The last 3 seconds of this pre-roll are indicated by beeps to give you a timing cue.
Also, the entire duration of the pre-roll is indicated by a countdown to 0, along with
a progressive change in color from yellow to red in the status area. Even though this
countdown happens before the duration you’ve specified in the Timeline, audio is
recorded during this pre-roll to avoid cutting off the first word you say.

Note: During the 5 seconds of pre-roll, audio that occurs before the beginning of the
Timeline cannot be recorded.


Once the pre-roll has played, begin your voiceover.

 The status area is red and displays “Recording to indicate that you’re recording; a bar

graph shows you how much of the specified duration still needs to be recorded.

 Fifteen seconds before the end of your recording, you are cued with a single

warning beep.

 During the last 5 seconds of recording, the status area displays a countdown from

5 to 0, and you hear five beeps to let you know your time is nearly up. The last beep
is longer and has a lower pitch.

 Recording continues 2 seconds past the end of your specified Out point to prevent

your last word from being cut off. During this time, the status area displays “Finishing.”

 The status area displays “Savingwhile the audio clip is saved to the specified

scratch disk.

 Finally, the recorded clip is automatically edited into your sequence and the status

area displays “Ready to Record”.

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Chapter 7

Using the Voice Over Tool