Final Cut Pro 6 - About SoundtrackPro Multitrack Projects

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About Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Projects

Multitrack projects are similar to Final Cut Pro projects: they contain multiple audio
tracks in a timeline that you can use to arrange clips in sequence. Like Final Cut Pro
sequences, clips in a multitrack project refer to media files stored elsewhere, so the
project file size stays small. Multitrack projects also contain a single video track for
synchronizing your audio to picture.

Multitrack projects have track controls for volume, pan, mute, solo, effects, and effect
parameters. You can create additional audio busses and submixes for grouping signals
from audio tracks together or for effect sends. Tracks, busses, and submixes can be
exported to individual audio files or to a stereo or multichannel mixdown. These
Soundtrack Pro features are particularly useful for creating stem mixes that you can
send back to Final Cut Pro.

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