Final Cut Pro 6 - Sending a FinalCutPro Sequence or Clip Selection toaSoundtrackPro Multitrack Project

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Sending a Final Cut Pro Sequence or Clip Selection
to a Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Project

Creating a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project from within Final Cut Pro is a simple process.

To create a multitrack project from a sequence or a group of clips:


Select a sequence in the Final Cut Pro Browser, or select multiple clips in the Timeline.


Do one of the following:

 Choose File > Send To > Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Project.
 Control-click the selection and choose Send To > Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Project.


In the dialog that appears, choose from the following options:

 Open in Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Editor: Select this option to open the multitrack

project in Soundtrack Pro after it is created.

 Include Background Video: Select this option to render the video in your Final Cut Pro

sequence. The Soundtrack Pro multitrack project will refer to this file in its video track
so you can see your video while you edit. Select what kind of background video you
want to export:

 Fully Rendered Video (slow): Your entire sequence is rendered at full quality to a

QuickTime movie file. This option is recommended if the project is to be moved to
another computer.

 Base Layer Video (fast): Any sequence segment that requires rendering in Safe RT

mode (in other words, any segment with a red render bar) is exported without
effects. These files are not portable to a different computer. For more information,
see “

Play Base Layer Only

” on page 627.

 Save project with latest clip metadata (recommended): Select this option to ensure an

accurate change history by having Final Cut Pro automatically save the project after
the send process.

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Chapter 11

Working with Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro




Enter a project name or keep the default name, then click Save.

A Soundtrack Pro multitrack project file is created with the file extension “.stmp”.

Note: This is a small file that refers to the media files used by your Final Cut Pro
sequence clips. Make sure those media files are available when the Soundtrack Pro
multitrack project opens.

If you selected Open in Soundtrack Pro Multitrack Editor, the multitrack project opens
in the Soundtrack Pro Timeline.


Modify the multitrack project as needed.

For more information about editing and mixing multitrack projects in Soundtrack Pro,
see the Soundtrack Pro User Manual.


When you finish working on the project in Soundtrack Pro, choose File > Save.

When you have followed the steps described above, you can send a mixdown back
to Final Cut Pro.