Final Cut Pro 6 - Sending a Mixdown Back to FinalCutPro Automatically

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Sending a Mixdown Back to Final Cut Pro Automatically

When you create a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project from within Final Cut Pro, all of
the sequence clip information is stored in the multitrack project. When you export a
mixdown of the multitrack project in Soundtrack Pro, you can also choose to open a
new copy of the Final Cut Pro sequence that looks just like the original sequence but
has additional audio tracks that contain your mixdown.

Clip information is sent from Soundtrack Pro to Final Cut Pro using the Final Cut Pro
XML Interchange Format.

To export a mixdown and open a new copy of a Final Cut Pro sequence containing
the mixdown:


In Soundtrack Pro, open the multitrack project you want to mix down.


Choose File > Export.


If you wish, you may choose options in the following pop-up menus:

 Exported Items: Choose an entire mix, or individual tracks, busses, or submixes, or

some combination thereof.

 File Type: The default (AIFF File) is appropriate for Final Cut Pro use.
 Bit Depth: Choose the setting appropriate for your Final Cut Pro project.
 Sample Rate: Choose the setting appropriate for your Final Cut Pro project.
 Preset: Optionally, you can save a preset combining all of the above settings to use

for future exports.

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Part I

Audio Mixing


In the After Export pop-up menu, choose “Send files to Final Cut Pro sequence.”


Enter a name for the exported file and click Export.

Soundtrack Pro exports mixdown files from the multitrack project and adds them to a
Final Cut Pro XML file containing the original sequence. For your convenience, the
audio tracks from the original sequence are moved to other tracks and are muted.

In Final Cut Pro, the Import XML dialog appears.


Use the Destination pop-up menu to choose your original project, then click OK.

A copy of your original sequence (with the name you specified in step 5) appears in
the Browser.


Double-click the new sequence in the Browser to open it in the Timeline.

The sequence opens with the mixdown audio correctly synchronized to your clips in
the Timeline and the original audio tracks muted.

When you want to work on the project in Soundtrack Pro again, you can reopen it from
the Final Cut Pro Timeline.

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Chapter 11

Working with Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro



To open a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project from a mixdown clip in Final Cut Pro:


In your Final Cut Pro sequence, Control-click the mixdown clip, then choose Open in
Editor from the shortcut menu.

Note: Make sure that the Open in Editor command is set to open audio files in
Soundtrack Pro. For details, see “

About the Open in Editor Command

” on page 206.

A dialog appears with the following options:

 Open Audio File: Opens the mixdown audio file in the Soundtrack Pro File Editor.
 Open Project: Opens the Soundtrack Pro multitrack project linked to the mixdown

audio file.


Click Open Project.

The Soundtrack Pro multitrack project linked to the mixdown audio file opens in
Soundtrack Pro.

To update a mixdown clip in your Final Cut Pro sequence:


Follow the steps above for opening a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project file from a
mixdown clip in Final Cut Pro.


Once the multitrack project opens in Soundtrack Pro, make changes to the multitrack
project, then choose File > Save to save the project.


Choose File > Export.


Save the mixdown file with the same name, in the same file format, and in the same
location as the previous mixdown file.


Switch to Final Cut Pro and open the sequence containing your mixdown.

The mixdown clip remains in the same location, but the media file it refers to has been
replaced by your new mixdown file, so the mixdown is now updated in Final Cut Pro.